Questions We Ask

Questions We Ask 

  • Departmental Mission: Does the work fit into the Department of Art and Art History’s art teaching goals? Does it “speak strongly to the process of creativity, rather than the product”?

How does this piece:

  • Achieve formal unity through specific elements and principles of design?
  • Reflect characteristics of its historical period and/or stylistic movement?
  • Relate to other pieces in the artist’s career?
  • Demonstrate overall unity by integrating the composition and content?
  • Liberal Arts Connection: Does the work touch on liberal arts concepts such as history, science, religion, etc.? Does it speak to the intellectual and social challenges of our time?
  • Intellectual Rigor: Does it challenge the way we think about art?
  • Complexity: Does the work speak on multiple levels? For example, is it limited in subject matter, materials and meaning, or is it open-ended, generative and expansive?
  • Quality and flexibility: Does the artwork have an aesthetic longevity? Is it trendy or timeless? Will it continue to live and evolve as we do?
  • Materials: Will the medium broaden the range of pedagogical techniques and technologies represented in the collection?
  • Maintenance: Considering the material and size can we house and maintain the work?

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