Meet Alumna Robin Dana, Class of 1997

Robin Dana
Robin DanaI was born in picturesque Savannah, Georgia in 1975. In 1980 I moved with my family to the middle of the state, where I began an ongoing fascination with the lifeblood to the town, kaolin clay.

I earned a BA in Studio Art from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta and an MFA in Photography from the University of Connecticut. Since graduation I have taught photography in the US and abroad through the University of Georgia in Athens, curated art exhibitions, and written on contemporary artists. I have also exhibited my fine art photography in galleries up and down the east coast.

I have been photographing the mining industry in my hometown since 2004, resulting in the ongoing study Kaolin. My recent work from residencies in DC, NY and travel abroad focuses on the scarification of our contemporary landscape. The collection Watershed: How Industry has Changed the Water of the World includes photographs of the Hudson, Potomac, Arno and Tiber Rivers. The international project Superfund: Photographs of Toxic Landscapes is currently underway.