Meet Alumna Anne Harris, Class of 1991

Anne Harris

Major: Art History, Classical Languages
Additional Degrees: AM University of Chicago (’92), PhD University of Chicago (’99)

I’m a professor of art history at DePauw University, a small liberal arts college in Greencastle, IN. I can honestly say that every time I sit down to prepare a class, and every time I enter the classroom, my Agnes Scott experiences frame what I am doing. Education and social change are inter-related through dialogue, debate, conversation and confrontation. The late-night dorm discussions, and the intense seminar exchanges created lines of questioning that I am still pursuing. I entered college looking for something inexhaustible, for a set of questions I could devote my life to: I found those in medieval art history, and it is thanks to Agnes Scott College, the tremendous professors I had here, and the beautiful friendships I made that those questions remain a vibrant motivation to greater pursuits of knowledge, and through those pursuits, to social change, and on good days, to social justice.

I came alive to the world in the summer of 1989 on Donna Sadler and Richard Parry’s Global Awareness trip to Greece. We read Socratic dialogues in the evenings and studied archaeological sites in the days – there was a continuity between the past and the present, whether it was about the definition of courage in a Socratic dialogue, or about the visualization of beauty in the Parthenon. There are abstract ideas that move ever forward towards greater and more widespread human dignity, and on that trip to Greece, I learned how to ask questions of these ideas.