Showing Thinking 2012

Katherine Smith, Associate Professor of Art History, Agnes Scott College

Katherine Smith, Associate Professor of Art History, Agnes Scott College

(this passage is the introduction to the 2012 exhibition). Link to a pdf of the 2012 catalog

Losing Oneself to Process

Lisa Alembik
Director, The Dalton Gallery

A practicing artist and scholar will deveop work over time through thinking and making and writing. Some may approach a new idea using a tight scientific method while others work in a flowing intuitive fashion. To learn, they will question and create, or just think about creating, whether or not they plan on exhibiting or publishing the work produced. Motivated by the abundance of possibilities the world offers, ideas may develop through a flood of production. Sometimes these can be so overwhelming that they end up stymieing the creation process. The scholar will strive to stay on course and quell outside distractions. Losing oneself to process can allow work to evolve into something of greater complexity. The prospect of crossing such a threshold makes creation in and of itself a valuable act.

This catalog is a documentation of the first exhibition in a series on the creative process in scholarship, with the overarching title showing thinking. The Dalton Gallery is providing a platform to showcase influences and inspiration of faculty and staff at Agnes Scott College.

showing thinking shows the often hidden side of being an artist, writer and scholar. By highlighting process, the exhibit gives presence to that which nourishes the product, recognizing the value of the making and the letting go. The participants are each given a space to present a selection of writing, art and objects made within the past fifteen years. Each designs their gallery from the perspective of an educator, to be revealing of process and show by example. This unveiling is often eye opening, sometimes epiphany inducing, for the contributing scholars. The individual sensibilities come together to construct a dynamic space that allows students and visitors to witness the cultivation of innovative ideas. Here, the working laboratory meets the formal exhibition space to showcase the wild discipline and organized passion often necessary to have a productive practice.

Katherine Smith, Anne Beidler, Lisa Alembik, Donna Sadler, Nell Ruby and Jason Ciejka,

Katherine Smith, Lisa Alembik, Donna Sadler, Jason Ciejka, Anne Beidler

Collaborative images are taken by photographer T.W. Meyer (who is participating in Showing Thinking 2013)


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