Ten Questions for Artist Bethany Collins (created by Lola Clairmont)

By Lola Clairmont

Creative Agnes

Senior Select is a unique program sponsored by Agnes Scott’s Art and Art History Department that encourages graduating seniors to research works from the Art Papers annual auction for potential purchase for the college’s permanent collection. This year, the Class of 2013 seniors attended the auction and won the bid for Beige, 1951 by artist Bethany Collins. Collins agreed to an interview in her studio, and, included below, are ten questions from our conversation.

How would you describe the works in your Dictionaries series?

Oversized, erasures of dictionary definitions, in which the residual nature of language is allowed to remain in a way that competes with the original language.

What is your process for choosing these words?

The terms selected for the Dictionaries series have all been descriptors of blackness, and often more specifically biracialism—yellow, beige, half and half, half-breed, white-ish. They never quite get at the term or definition…

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