How to Ace an Art History Exam (Advice from an Art History Tutor)

Creative Agnes

During my time at Agnes Scott. I had the wonderful opportunity to tutor students in Art History. I decided that before I graduated, I should share with others in detail how I personally study for art history exams. Everyone has their own way that works best for them, but I find that this particular studying process mirrors the format of art history exams. I hope that the method I outlined here is as effective for you as it was for me. 

1) Gather notes together

2) Find keywords/concepts in my notes for the reduced list of works; highlight them or list them in a study guide document. If you find that your notes are inadequate on a certain work, look at someone else’s notes or re-read about that work in the book.

3) Download all of the powerpoints onto your computer. Don’t worry you can erase them after the exam…

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