Visiting Artists & Lecturers

Jason Ciejka
Art History and The Art of Spectacle in Baroque Rome
, Fall 2010
Art History, Spring 2011
Modern Architecture, Fall 2011
Baroque and Rococo Painting, Spring 2012

Sarah Emerson
Art 241—painting, Fall 2010

Katherine Taylor
Art 241—painting, Fall 2009

Collage Keynote Speakers

Elina GertsmanAssistant Professor of Medieval Art CAse Western Reserve
“Disquieting Secrets: Female Body in the Late Middle Ages”

Kate Kretz, artist, Washington, DC
“Anti-Branding: Following the Work,” advice on “listening to what the work is telling you, and ‘making what needs to be made’.”

Maura Reilly, Senior Curator of the American Federation of Arts Museum
“Towards a Curatorial Activism,” a lecture on recent curatorial project, including her work as founding Curator of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn

Helena Keeffe, artist, Oakland, CA
“My Mom Sent Extra Underwear for You,” a talk about the experience of working in both gallery and public spaces, and the particular challenges and rewards of social art practice

Shelley Rice, Associate Arts Professor, New York University
“The Grass is Always Greener,” a discussion of gender and masquerade, and their roles in modernism and the contemporary postcolonial art scene

Panel discussion:  “Cowboys, Kruger, and Other Tales of Gender-Bending in Modern and Contemporary Art”
Teresa Bramlette Reeves, artist, Atlanta, and Ph.D. candidate in art history, University of Georgia
Susan Richmond, Assistant Professor of Art History, Georgia State University
Katherine Smith, Assistant Professor of Art History, Agnes Scott College