We are a small studio art program, and we use that to our advantage with students receiving consistent personalized input into their work. With one prerequisite foundational class for all other studio areas, students then go on to take classes in printmaking, sculpture, drawing, digital imaging and painting.

The art history program moves through four different levels of courses in which classes are specific in terms of content and honed in terms of skills, culminating in the Art History Senior Seminar which is taught alongside the Advanced Studio, the capstone course in studio. We bridge the studies of art and art history most consistently and formally here, but we also team-teach other courses at lower levels.

We work collaboratively between art, art history and the Dalton Gallery to integrate learning through our unique triad. Through our collaboration and the integration of a liberal arts education students develop a breadth of thought and experience, especially in other disciplines, that enriches the conceptual basis of their work AND their ability to communicate their messages in other media. This includes learning how to write and speak about art – their own and other artists’.


The program in art and art history recognizes the inherent expressive value of art, its enrichment of the human experience, and the dependence of global culture on visual literacy.

Our curriculum challenges students to create, read, and analyze images through written and oral communication, critical thinking, and experiential learning.

Our mission speaks strongly to the process of creativity, rather than the product. Through a collaborative approach to teaching and learning, we offer an integrated program that compels students to consider the practices required of professional artists and art historians.

We create an environment that empowers students to hone their individual expression, engage in a productive dialogue with their peers, and contribute significantly to the world at large.